Bee Kind

Why can’t everyone just be kind to one another? That’s something I ask myself a lot. More so since May 22nd 2017, after a heinous attack occurred at the end of a pop concert, in my home city – Manchester.

To financially support my music, I work as a Pharmacy Assistant in a local hospital. Most of my work is ward-based, so I’m reminded of illness every weekday, which can be distressing at times. But the past week-or-so has been tougher than usual. Partly because I’m super-sensitive, but also because of the sheer trauma that has impacted on the city.

However, through the darkness of it all, a lot of kindness really shone through. Promisingly, it doesn’t seem to fade with generations either. For instance, I visited St Annes Square a few days ago, to quietly observe the carpet of flowers and tributes that the city had laid down. It didn’t feel right to take photos, so I didn’t, but something that really stuck with me was a poster that was left by a youngster… It was a line drawing of a creature on a yellow piece of card. Either side of the creature, a lollipop was sellotaped onto its hands. Written on the poster was: ‘To all the children in the sky’. So simple, but so effective.

I left St Annes Square with even more emotions than what I went with. But a few days later, and several thoughts analysed, I’m slowly getting back to my old routine. Needless to say, the incident that happened on May 22nd 2017 and all of those it affected will never be forgotten, but the kindness and strength of the city (from all generations and backgrounds) that showed, at such a difficult time, won’t be forgotten either.

Manchester Bee
Manchester Bee

So world, please be kind! 🙂