Outside In

It’s been a tricky couple of weeks, but musically everything’s been great. My gig in Manchester, at the Peer Hat, was super enjoyable, and my new single Outside In was broadcast on Sean McGinty’s BBC Introducing show last night. Positive thinking let’s be having you 💜

OutsideIn_ART2018 copy


Music Day!

Here’s me – fresh off a bus from rehearsals in Manchester, at BBC Radio Lancashire in Blackburn:



I had a lovely catch-up with Sean McGinty on his BBC Introducing in Lancashire show. We spoke about my experience recording a live video at BBC North West and a couple of other cool things that are around the corner… Check it out here:

BBC Introducing in Lancashire



Teaser and Public Vote News

Please see below, for the teaser trailer, for my new synth-infused track Sober (official video available on Vevo next week!):


Lastly, I recently discovered that Blink won the Pop category on the OurStage competition. I was so excited about this when I found out, as the OurStage community voted for the track, which means that… people like the track!!! I understand that my music won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a lovely feeling when I feel connected to people through music (such as sharing a love for another artist or relating to another artist’s song)… It makes me feel less lonely! So, I’m over the moon that Blink got voted for!

OurStage Competition Results 2017





















I’ll be performing at a gig tonight in Wigan, so will probably spend the rest of the day preparing for that.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



Sam Leoh is our second act, a singer with a distinctive, plaintive voice, performing electro-pop with a keyboardist who stands behind three analog synthesisers.  Leohs voice occasionally sounds reminiscent of Scadinavian artists like Bjork, and the overall sound is a good example of the electro-pop genre with muscular, propulsive synth-riffs, crunchy pads and formidable electronic beats.  The set varied between moments of static chilliness and pure floor-filling pop.’ Andy Holland:Getintothis

Getintothis 81 Renshaw Gig Review

The past few weeks have been really enjoyable. As mentioned in my previous post, I had a chat with Sean McGinty over at BBC Introducing in Lancashire (still available at BBC Intro Lancashire! (not for long though))… and I also performed at a gig in East Ardsley. The gig was really fun, and great preparation for future gigs!

Most recently, as highlighted above, I performed at the lovely 81 Renshaw venue in Liverpool, with my bandmate, to support Siobhan Wilson. It was a really special evening!!

81 Renshaw

A final note… I’ve noticed I’ve spent a lot of time recently on social media, not necessarily posting, but constantly checking. I’ve decided to take a short break from social media, as I’d like to put a little more of my spare energy and time into creating new material at the moment. The rest of my energy and time will be, as always, spent on my paid work and developing as a live artist (rehearsing & gigs – wahoo!!!!!).

I don’t see any harm in keeping my blog up-to-date though 😉

Catch you soon!

Love and thanks, as always,






Another weekend over with! It’s been another busy, but thoroughly enjoyable weekend… I spent Saturday rehearsing and planning the next few months of music-related activities.

Today (Sunday), I spent some quality time with my Mum & Dad at Bodnant Garden. The weather wasn’t great, but (as always) we didn’t let this dampen our spirits!

A snippet of scenery from Bodnant Garden!

In terms of my music journey overall, my spirits have definitely been lifted since uploading Blink to Amazing Tunes and BBC Introducing a couple of weeks ago… It’s been broadcast on Shell Zenner’s Amazing Radio show, BBC Introducing Lancashire, and BBC Introducing Manchester – WAHOOOOOO!!

played on Amazing Radio badge

I’m currently playing around with ideas on a Novation Circuit, to try to incorporate more into my performance, alongside my vocals. Eventually I’ll be investing in a synth too, in order to add some synth parts to my part of the set. Mike (pictured) is totally ace at performing the bulk of the tracks on his synths though and I’m really looking forward to us going out on stage somewhere near you soon!

Exciting plans are currently being discussed about: event locations, video shoots, artwork, new music, release dates, demo recording, and merchandise…. So, stay-tuned!!!!!

Best Wishes,





Firstly, a link to Sonic Commute! A mixtape of some the tracks that have soundtracked my long commutes over recent months (including a couple of my own!!)…

Secondly, a link to Happy Feel! A mixtape of feel-good tracks, that’s ideal for a quick fix of happiness! With one of my own tagged in at the end!!



Glow, 1000, & Rehearsals


Glow is the second release from my upcoming Alt-Pop EP, and I’m thrilled to say it’s been getting a lot of support from Amazing Radio (Shell Zenner’s Thursday broadcast and repeated Friday broadcast) and BBC Introducing in Lancashire (twice!). The code for the BBC Introducing badge doesn’t work anymore – d’oh! But here’s the lovely Amazing Radio badge:

played on Amazing Radio badge


Since establishing a promotional brand across everything for my new material (unlike last year, which was a little incomplete in some parts), I’ve been keen to invest a lot more in advertising my music this year.

A few things learned from the extra push and more detailed social media insights:

  • Good music blogs are really difficult to get featured on (you need a thick skin for the feedback you get back from some of them and strong self-belief to pick yourself up and move on).
  • Paid advert placement does help increase awareness of your product, and if pitched right, can increase your social media followers (over 1000 newbies on Facebook for me! Wahoo!!).
  • Seeing your stats rise can be addictive (have a plan and stick to it).

In general, I’m pleased I chose to invest time and a little money into advertising, because at least I know now that I’ve tried every avenue possible to expose my music (apart from gigs (mentioned below)). I also gained a few more followers and potential fans, which is great, because it’s great to be able to share this journey with like-minded people!


I’m thrilled to say that I’ve now been joined by a very keen and experienced muso, who’s joining me in rehearsals and gigs! We’ll be starting rehearsals at Blueprint Studios very soon, with the hope to start booking gig slots soon after. We’re currently looking for an electro-percussionist to finish the line-up (I know you’re out there somewhere!!!).

Performing at gigs is an important avenue I’ve not ventured far enough down yet and, as well as being able to enjoy being a musical artist even more, I’m also hopeful that performing at gigs will help to increase my fanbase.


I’ve almost finished the final track off my upcoming Alt-Pop EP, which I’ve decided will be distributed at gigs as physical copies. All tracks will eventually be released as singles, digitally (Vibe and Glow are already available!).

Vibe had plenty of support off BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, and even made Tom Robinson’s listening post! Unfortunately, Vibe didn’t gain enough votes to reach the Fresh Faves blog, nor did any BBC Radio 6 airplay transpire from it. I tried with Glow, but nothing at all happened (oops!).

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music

Glow’s below, if you fancy listening to it!

Sam Leoh – Glow