A couple of weeks ago, I had a week-long holiday in Scotland, in very close proximity to the Solway Firth. I love the coast! I had plenty of walks along the beach, looked in several rock pools at nature’s wonders, and enjoyed the fresh air and nice weather that was offered to us.

I also managed to catch up on a bit of reading (currently working my way through Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series – love ’em!) and I also had a play or two on my (now designated travel) Taylor guitar 🙂

It felt good to get away from normality for a bit!


Practice Makes Perfect

Hey there! This is just a quick update on my musical progress so far this year. There are a couple of new songs now under way and taking shape nicely. Having picked up drums for the first time in April, I am also progressing with drumming nicely and still enjoying learning them – I have recently bought RSL’s Grade 1 & 2 books having completed Premiere and Debut 🙂 It’s a great distraction from day-to-day work and a good addition to my musical skill set. Furthermore, with the help of my family, I’ve been able to treat myself to a new acoustic guitar as my Taylor GS Mini sadly is no longer fit for live performance. My new addition is a Fender Malibu Player, which I am already enjoying playing and looking forward to performing with in the future.

Side note: I love Beetlejuice and E.T. – here’s an outtake from my photoshoot at the start of the year 🙂

As always, thanks for your support x


‘Stay’ Broadcast on Tobi Lynn’s Amazing Radio (US) Show!

Great to hear my latest single ‘Stay’ being broadcast on Tobi Lynn’s super cool Amazing Radio show (all the way from Koreatown, LA!) and lovely to hear such nice words too. It was a very late night, but well worth it – such an awesome show! ‘Stay’ was broadcast on the 8th of July ANNNND the 15th of July too 🙂 Check out previous shows (top right of the landing page) via the following link:


A clip from the show can be found via the following link too 🙂

Thanks again for the continued support xx


Trust the Doc Feature

It’s always exciting and heart-warming when music lovers and bloggers go to great efforts to research my background and music and share with their followers. So it was a delight to find out I’d been featured in another blog, this time Trust the Doc!

Check out the awesome feature below:


This news followed on from narrowly missing out on Fresh on the Net’s Fresh Faves, which I was gutted about but delighted in equal measure that ‘Stay’ had been received so well by the Fresh on the Net’s moderators and voters on the listening post.


The Permanent Rain Press Feature for ‘Stay’

I took a break from “balcony gardening” earlier, during my lockdown annual leave, and saw this ace feature by The Permanent Rain Press about my new single Stay.

It’s so nice to hear such positive words 💕 ⚓ 🌊 🐦🎶

Thanks everyone for all the love and support so far shown to ‘Stay’, my heart is WARM ✌

Stay safe x



Gig Update

Sadly, for professional and personal reasons myself and the band won’t be performing at the Retro Live gig on March 31st.

We’re one member down due to self-isolation restrictions and two of us in contact with ‘at risk’ close relatives – Worrying times for everyone.

We’re thinking of ways to bring you “live” videos/cover recordings/other content, over the next month or so, and hope that we can bring you (and ourselves!) some light relief in alternative creative ways during this unsettling time.

Stay safe! ✌


‘Stay’ Release Date: March 20th 2020

Pre-save/pre-add my incoming single ‘Stay’ via the following link: https://ditto.fm/stay-sam-leoh. Broadcast on BBC Introducing in Lancashire twice and featured on Jammerzine’s Daily Dose!