Space Cadet

27th November 2016

Today is the day in which I am finally able to sort out all of my digital files, in order to free up space on my devices; space that is needed for future music projects!

I am also getting back into keeping up-to-date with my non-digital  files, in order to free up some space in my head; space that is also needed for future music projects!

Not only does it feel liberating, it’s also great to have mementos that I can potentially use as inspiration further down the line – who knows?!

This is a random expert from my journal:


I’m off work next week, so between now & then I’ll be rehearsing for my next studio session with Sugar House. I enjoy being creative.

I also love to enjoy other artists creations – this is a song I particularly love at the moment:

Jagwar Ma – Colours of Paradise

Have a jolly good Sunday!!