Glow, 1000, & Rehearsals


Glow is the second release from my upcoming Alt-Pop EP, and I’m thrilled to say it’s been getting a lot of support from Amazing Radio (Shell Zenner’s Thursday broadcast and repeated Friday broadcast) and BBC Introducing in Lancashire (twice!). The code for the BBC Introducing badge doesn’t work anymore – d’oh! But here’s the lovely Amazing Radio badge:

played on Amazing Radio badge


Since establishing a promotional brand across everything for my new material (unlike last year, which was a little incomplete in some parts), I’ve been keen to invest a lot more in advertising my music this year.

A few things learned from the extra push and more detailed social media insights:

  • Good music blogs are really difficult to get featured on (you need a thick skin for the feedback you get back from some of them and strong self-belief to pick yourself up and move on).
  • Paid advert placement does help increase awareness of your product, and if pitched right, can increase your social media followers (over 1000 newbies on Facebook for me! Wahoo!!).
  • Seeing your stats rise can be addictive (have a plan and stick to it).

In general, I’m pleased I chose to invest time and a little money into advertising, because at least I know now that I’ve tried every avenue possible to expose my music (apart from gigs (mentioned below)). I also gained a few more followers and potential fans, which is great, because it’s great to be able to share this journey with like-minded people!


I’m thrilled to say that I’ve now been joined by a very keen and experienced muso, who’s joining me in rehearsals and gigs! We’ll be starting rehearsals at Blueprint Studios very soon, with the hope to start booking gig slots soon after. We’re currently looking for an electro-percussionist to finish the line-up (I know you’re out there somewhere!!!).

Performing at gigs is an important avenue I’ve not ventured far enough down yet and, as well as being able to enjoy being a musical artist even more, I’m also hopeful that performing at gigs will help to increase my fanbase.


I’ve almost finished the final track off my upcoming Alt-Pop EP, which I’ve decided will be distributed at gigs as physical copies. All tracks will eventually be released as singles, digitally (Vibe and Glow are already available!).

Vibe had plenty of support off BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, and even made Tom Robinson’s listening post! Unfortunately, Vibe didn’t gain enough votes to reach the Fresh Faves blog, nor did any BBC Radio 6 airplay transpire from it. I tried with Glow, but nothing at all happened (oops!).

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music

Glow’s below, if you fancy listening to it!

Sam Leoh – Glow



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