Tis the Season

It seems appropriate to use this post to highlight two huge achievements from the past week-and-a-bit.

The first achievement was having more national airplay. I was delighted when I found this news out! ‘No Other Fish’ was featured on the ‘BBC 6 Music Recommends’ playlist alongside really ace artists. For an unsigned musician (& I suspect for signed musicians this also applies), being featured on these radio shows helps massively in allowing one’s music to reach a wider audience. I notice this when my statistics increase on social media sites after being broadcast… I love that… there’s something super special about connecting with people through music, especially when my songs are so personal to me!

The second achievement was being featured on BBC Introducing in Lancashire’s ‘Best of 2016‘ playlist, which is an absolute honour! My local BBC Introducing team have been incredibly supportive since the start, & being featured on their ‘best of 2016’ playlist was definitely the cherry on top of a rather large cake of achievements!

Other than these achievements, I’ve been focusing on getting through my working days, which have felt crazily long recently… Always keen to get home to continue being creative!

One really ace discovery, that I’d like to conclude this post with, is a song that I absolutely adore… Here it is:

Banks – Judas

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